At Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport, we pride ourselves on being an economic engine for the Birmingham region. And as we continue to grow to meet the needs of our passengers and community, we are always looking for business partners who seek to do the same. Over time, there will always be a wealth of opportunities for those looking to do business with BHM. In this section, you’ll find any current RFPs, RFBs, and RFQs.

PDF Downloads

Certified Businesses - OMBE(11/07/2023)
Parking RAC Program - RFQ(01/24/2024)
Elevator and Escalator Maintenance - RFP(02/02/2024)
Parking RAC Program - Exhibit B 2021 Parking Study for Parking RAC (02/06/2024)
Sustainable Management Plan -RFQ(02/15/2024)
Parking RAC Program RFQ - Sign In Sheet(02/15/2024)
Parking RAC Program - PreSubmittal Meeting (02/15/2024)
Hangar 7 Taxilane Reconstruction -Bid Advertisement (02/15/2024)
Vending Program - RFP (02/19/2024)
Concession Agreement for Snack and Beverage Vending(02/19/2024)
Specialty Vending Concession Exemplar Agreement(02/19/2024)
Vending Program - Addendum One(02/20/2024)
Elevator and Escalator Maintenance-PreSubmittal Meeting (02/21/2024)
Elevator and Escalator Maintenance - Sign In Sheet(02/21/2024)
Preparation of New TSA Screening Equipment - RFQ(02/23/2024)
Heat Trace and Insulation - RFQ(02/23/2024)
Elevator and Escalator Maintenance -Addendum One (02/23/2024)
Repairing Areas Within the Economy Lot - RFQ(02/23/2024)
Parking RAC Program - Addendum One and Exhibit B and C(02/26/2024)
Airport Management Software - RFP(02/27/2024)
Elevator and Escalator Maintenance - Addendum Two(02/29/2024)
Vending Program- Prebid Sign In sheet.(02/29/2024)
Vending Program -PreSubmittal Meeting(02/29/2024)