TLC @ bhm

We know that dogs can make everything better. So, we’re bringing some TLC to the gates at bhm. These loveable dogs and their handlers are volunteering their time to bring comfort to travelers. If you see one of our TLC teams, let them know that you appreciate them being here. And yes – petting is very much allowed.

Learn about becoming a certified Therapy Dog Member through the Alliance of Therapy Dogs

TLC – Traveler Loving Canines Volunteer Application Form

“I am the resident Tallapoosa County Courthouse therapy dog. I love visiting Maker’s Child special needs respite care ministry in Marshall County every month. I love all children! I have received the following AKC titles: CGC, TKN, RN, and loves going to training classes at South Paw Obedience Training (SPOT).”
“I was found homeless on the streets of Central Alabama. My dad knew I loved people. So, I went to school to be a therapy dog and became an AKC good citizen!”
“I met my mom and dad while I was still racing. They waited a year for me to decide to retire. I was having fun and had no idea how “pawsome” retirement was gonna be! I absolutely love car rides and meeting new people. I still enjoy zoomies in the backyard.”
“Anyone who rubs my ears will become my new friend. I enjoy hikes, walks, and chasing multiple toys. I love smaller dogs and am new to meeting cats.”
“After retiring from racing, I spent some time on the farm helping train other little racing hounds. From there I adopted my human mom and dad as I heard about comfy couches, treats, and travel. So, here I am being adorable and soaking up all the attention I can get. I’m killin’ by the way! You really can’t be this handsome and go unnoticed.”
“I started racing with my littermates. It was lots of fun running around chasing stuff. Then we got to run after stuff on a big track. The best part was rub downs afterward and getting to sleep the rest of the day! I went to obedience training and got lots of treats. I finally got to go to my new home with mom and dad. They had another greyhound for me t o play and do zoomies with.”
“I love to run, hunt, and swim. I don’t stay still much, there are way too many things to investigate!”
“I love riding in the truck ands boat. I’d fetch as much as you can stand to throw the toy or frisbee.”
“I love people and animals. I like things super laid back and relaxing. A day of hunting or at the lake is my idea of perfect.”