Five-Step Process

 Step 1. Application Completion and Submission
  • Read the Requirements for Applicants for submission details and documents.
  • Complete the certification application.
  • Mail a printed and signed copy of the original application including all attachments. BAA will not process your application until the original, including all signatures, has been submitted.
Step 2. Application Retrieval
  • BAA will receive and review your application for completeness.
  • BAA will notify you of any deficiencies in your application.
Step 3. Application Review
  • BAA will review the contents of your entire application.
  • BAA may schedule a Site Visit with you.
Step 4. Application Approval
  • The DBE Liaison Compliance Officer decides whether to grant certification.
  • BAA will notify you of the DBE Liaison Compliance Officer’s decision regarding your application.
Step 5. Certification Set-up
  • BAA will add your firm to the online DBE directory.
  • Once certified, your firm is eligible to participate in BAA’s DBE Program.