Part 150 Noise Study

As a part of the Birmingham Airport Authority’s ongoing effort to balance the growth of the airport and maximize service for the traveling community with the need to promote stability and a better quality of life in the neighborhoods surrounding the airport, BAA has chosen to participate in the FAA’s Noise Compatibility Program.

The Federal Aviation Regulations – Part 150 allows airports to identify properties surrounding the airport that are adversely affected by airplane noise and outlines those properties eligible for Land Acquisition through the Noise Compatibility Program. The Birmingham Airport Authority has submitted a draft 150 Noise Compatibility Study to the FAA for consideration and approval. Their decision is pending. The draft study identifies a noise mitigation area made up of 656 single-family residences, two multi-family residences, three churches and a school to be purchased in eleven phases as prioritized by criteria set by the FAA.

For the knowledge and convenience of area residents, the proposed phasing information, along with estimated purchase years, has been published and distributed to all airport neighborhoods. The pending study recommends purchase of identified parcels and the paid relocation of the residents will cost approximately $80 million and will be 95% federally funded.

Although the 150 Study is still under consideration with the FAA, they have continued to award grants to the Birmingham Airport Authority based on cleanup of the prior 150 Study. To date, nearly $81 Million has been received from the FAA for land acquisition since 2001, and the purchase process is ongoing. As funds are received, the Airport will continue to implement purchases based on the draft published timetable.

Future Project Planning: There are no discussions or plans being made to expand or amend the current boundaries for additional noise (Part 150) property purchases.

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