Commemorating Rev. Fred L. Shuttlesworth: An Art Exhibit Presented by BHM

Reverend Frederick Lee “Fred” Shuttlesworth was an important figure in the civil rights movement in Birmingham, Alabama. Shuttlesworth was a civil rights activist and minister who spoke out about injustices such as segregation, racism, and discrimination that African Americans were facing. During his time, Shuttlesworth along with Ed Gardner established the Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights, which sought to overturn Birmingham’s segregation laws..

Shuttlesworth was a civil rights pioneer that ignited a flame on a path to making real change.


In the summer of 2008, the Birmingham Airport Authority Board of Directors approved renaming the airport to Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport to pay tribute to the life and legacy of Shuttlesworth and honor his courageous leadership in the civil rights movement.

To honor his work, the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute designed at an art exhibit at BHM during the recent terminal modernization. Travelers are given the opportunity to understand and learn more about Alabama’s history and Shuttlesworth’s accomplishments.

Please enjoy this video to learn more about Rev. Shuttlesworth and the exhibit at BHM. To learn more about Rev. Fred L. Shuttlesworth, visit the Civil Rights Institute .