BHM in the Community

Guided by the principle that COMMUNITY MATTERS, The Birmingham Airport Authority is committed to building lasting community relationships. We recognize that to accomplish our goals, we must consider and address the needs of our local communities, city and region. The ongoing effort to be a responsible member of our community and friend to our neighbors remains a top priority of the Birmingham Airport Authority.

The Birmingham Airport Authority takes pride in working with neighborhood schools, families and businesses to achieve a safer and more prosperous community in which to live, work and profit. It is in that spirit that the Authority partners with its fellow community members to promote and provide programs for enhanced educational and growth opportunities for the young people in our communities.

Summer Youth Employment Program

The Summer Youth Employment Program allows students the opportunity to learn the value of earning and managing their own money, as well as the importance of hard work, teamwork, and community service. Applications for this program are accepted each spring. For more information on the program, please email

Summer Internship Program

The Birmingham Airport Authority’s Summer Internship Program offers students work experience that bridges the gap between the classroom experience and prospective career path. Internships begin at the beginning of July. Students will work 40 hours per week on projects as designed by the departments. Prospective interns are screened and selected by Human Resources. Applications for this program are accepted each spring.  For more information on the program, please email

Airport Tour Program

(The airport tour program is temporarily suspended due to COVID-19.)

The Birmingham Airport Authority is pleased to offer tours of the airport to school-aged groups and community organizations. The tour program aims to showcase various careers in aviation. Tours may be requested by emailing the Public Relations and Marketing Division at or by calling 205-595-0533.

Please review the following information before making your tour request:
  • Airport tours are offered on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Anyone over 18 years of age must bring a valid government issued, photo identification.
  • Tours are aimed at students in middle and high school but some accommodations can be made at the discretion of the Birmingham Airport Authority.
  • Tours are offered on 2nd and 4th Thursdays (excluding holidays and busy travel weeks).
  • Tour groups must be at least 10 people with a maximum of 30 including chaperones.
  • Tour request must be made at least 14 business days before the requested tour date.
  • The Birmingham Airport Authority reserves the right to cancel or change the tour at any time for any reason.
  • The Airport Tour includes a basic overview of BHM’s history and operations and spotlights various careers at the airport.

Educational Resources

The sky is the limit. The following links represent just a few resources that may be of interest for aviation educational activities:

Boeing Educational Inspiration and Resources
FAA STEM Aviation and Space Education (AVSED) program
Southern Museum of Flight

BHM Activity Book 

Our BHM Activity Book is full of interactive content, puzzles, games, and challenges to bring out your creative side. We had a lot of fun putting this book together and we hope you’ll have just as much fun completing the activities!

Neighborhood Presidents’ Advisory Committee

The Birmingham Airport Authority is sensitive to the needs of communicating information to our community, regarding airport growth and development, as well as our commitment throughout the community to elected leadership, volunteers, and neighbors. The Authority provides a bi-monthly forum in which information is exchanged on issues of property, planning, expansion, and noise abatement projects. Presidents from the airport’s neighboring communities attend Committee meetings for the purpose of dispersing information to their respective neighborhoods and providing feedback to the Authority. For more information or to obtain minutes from a particular meeting, please contact

Airport Ambassadors

In the spirit of our passenger-centric service philosophy here at BHM, the Airport Ambassadors Program is just one of our many customer service initiatives that makes sure travelers feel welcomed and at home in our terminal. This volunteer opportunity provides general assistance and a warm smile to travelers at BHM. Learn more