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AirlineFlight No.StatusDestinationScheduled DepartureEstimated Departure
American Airlines5735On TimeDallas12:37 pm
American Airlines5253On TimeCharlotte12:51 pm
Southwest Airlines570On TimeTampa12:55 pm
Delta Airlines2484On TimeAtlanta1:21 pm
American Airlines5454DelayedPhiladelphia1:59 pm2:09 pm
United Airlines4151DelayedChicago2:32 pm4:20 pm
Delta Airlines116On TimeAtlanta2:41 pm
American Airlines5232DelayedCharlotte2:54 pm4:14 pm
American Airlines3603On TimeChicago3:00 pm
American Airlines5828On TimeDallas3:08 pm
United Airlines4121DelayedHouston3:19 pm4:20 pm
Southwest Airlines1686On TimeOrlando3:20 pm
United Airlines5221On TimeDenver3:59 pm
Delta Airlines3684On TimeDetroit4:00 pm
Southwest Airlines2406On TimeDallas4:15 pm
Delta Airlines3686On TimeNew York4:43 pm
American Airlines5302On TimePhiladelphia4:53 pm
United Airlines4035On TimeHouston4:57 pm
American Airlines5288On TimeCharlotte4:58 pm
Delta Airlines2477On TimeAtlanta5:02 pm
American Airlines3841On TimeMiami5:30 pm
American Airlines5732On TimeDallas5:43 pm
American Airlines5680On TimeWashington6:00 pm
Delta Airlines1230On TimeAtlanta6:09 pm
United Airlines3473On TimeChicago6:13 pm
Frontier Airlines527On TimeDenver6:13 pm
American Airlines5332On TimeCharlotte6:44 pm
United Airlines6149On TimeHouston6:50 pm
Delta Airlines2438CancelledAtlanta7:25 pm
American Airlines5838On TimeDallas7:29 pm
Southwest Airlines2073On TimeChicago7:30 pm
Southwest Airlines1372On TimeHouston8:00 pm
Tuesday, June 18th
AirlineFlight No.StatusDestinationScheduled DepartureEstimated Departure
American Airlines5452On TimeCharlotte5:00 am
Delta Airlines1100On TimeAtlanta5:30 am
American Airlines5823On TimeDallas5:40 am
Southwest Airlines991On TimeHouston5:50 am
Delta Airlines3994On TimeNew York6:00 am
American Airlines3380On TimeMiami6:00 am
United Airlines6191On TimeHouston6:00 am
American Airlines5562On TimeWashington6:05 am
Delta Airlines4112On TimeDetroit6:10 am
American Airlines5591On TimeCharlotte6:10 am
Southwest Airlines2430On TimeBaltimore6:25 am
Southwest Airlines1310On TimeDallas6:30 am
Delta Airlines2522On TimeAtlanta6:30 am
United Airlines4501On TimeDenver6:35 am
American Airlines4099On TimeChicago7:00 am
United Airlines3635On TimeChicago7:05 am
American Airlines5921On TimeDallas7:34 am
Delta Airlines2242On TimeAtlanta8:00 am
American Airlines5431On TimeCharlotte8:15 am
Southwest Airlines2503On TimeOrlando8:20 am
Frontier Airlines1022On TimeOrlando8:25 am
Delta Airlines2094On TimeAtlanta9:03 am
American Airlines5952On TimeDallas9:30 am
United Airlines5523On TimeChicago9:40 am
Delta Airlines1591On TimeAtlanta10:04 am
Delta Airlines3537On TimeNew York10:46 am
American Airlines5528On TimeWashington10:57 am
American Airlines5543On TimePhiladelphia10:59 am
Southwest Airlines375On TimeChicago11:00 am
United Airlines6323On TimeHouston11:30 am
Delta Airlines1379On TimeAtlanta11:36 am
Delta Airlines4021On TimeDetroit11:37 am