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AirlineFlight No.StatusDestinationScheduled DepartureEstimated Departure
American Airlines4859On TimeCharlotte4:49 pm
United Airlines4173EarlyHouston4:50 pm
American Airlines5732On TimeDallas5:04 pm
American Airlines3841On TimeMiami5:49 pm
Southwest Airlines208On TimeTampa6:00 pm
Delta Airlines2426On TimeAtlanta6:06 pm
United Airlines5305On TimeChicago6:10 pm
Southwest Airlines977On TimeChicago6:20 pm
American Airlines5680On TimeWashington6:22 pm
United Airlines6008On TimeHouston6:45 pm
American Airlines4779On TimeCharlotte6:49 pm
Southwest Airlines262On TimeHouston7:05 pm
American Airlines5838On TimeDallas7:28 pm
Saturday, February 16th
AirlineFlight No.StatusDestinationScheduled DepartureEstimated Departure
Delta Airlines2443On TimeAtlanta5:30 am
American Airlines5591On TimeCharlotte6:00 am
American Airlines5823On TimeDallas6:00 am
United Airlines4591On TimeDenver6:05 am
Southwest Airlines5088On TimeOrlando6:15 am
American Airlines3380On TimeMiami6:25 am
Southwest Airlines2445On TimeDallas6:35 am
Delta Airlines2412On TimeAtlanta6:35 am
United Airlines6026On TimeHouston6:35 am
American Airlines4099On TimeChicago6:58 am
Southwest Airlines2457On TimeTampa7:00 am
American Airlines4778On TimeCharlotte7:31 am
American Airlines5562On TimeWashington7:49 am
Delta Airlines6174On TimeDetroit8:00 am
Delta Airlines2415On TimeAtlanta8:00 am
American Airlines5431On TimeCharlotte8:36 am
American Airlines5334On TimeCharlotte10:17 am
United Airlines4758On TimeChicago10:50 am
Delta Airlines806On TimeAtlanta11:00 am
American Airlines5377On TimePhiladelphia11:06 am
Southwest Airlines2703On TimeOrlando11:10 am
United Airlines4369On TimeHouston11:25 am
Southwest Airlines2574On TimeDallas12:35 pm
American Airlines4951On TimeCharlotte12:41 pm
United Airlines5845On TimeChicago12:42 pm
American Airlines5608On TimeWashington1:22 pm
American Airlines5735On TimeDallas1:25 pm
Southwest Airlines4449On TimeLas Vegas1:30 pm
American Airlines5693On TimePhiladelphia2:13 pm
United Airlines4121On TimeHouston2:40 pm
American Airlines5828On TimeDallas3:04 pm
United Airlines4529On TimeDenver3:30 pm
Delta Airlines800Atlanta4:00 pm