Master Plan

Master Plan Update 2035

  • Airport Master Plan Overview

BHM recently completed several major renovations intended to create a world class airport serving Alabama, including a major terminal modernization program, a runway extension, and an expanded cargo ramp. A new 20-year Airport Master Plan is underway to assess what additional projects the airport can pursue to support and enhance the area’s growth and economic vitality. The master plan will be conducted in accordance with guidance developed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) which establishes airport design standards, emphasizing safety and efficiency.

While no future plans have yet been identified or investigated, the project is expected to focus on:

  • Strategic visioning to leverage the airport’s infrastructure to support economic growth of the region
  • Forecast changes in conditions and trends
  • Explore aviation and non-aviation development opportunities
  • Provide a 20-year vision and framework needed to guide airport development that will cost effectively satisfy aviation demand
  • Assess the non-aviation development potential of various sites not needed for aviation use that could enhance revenue for BHM, provide an economic enhancement for the area, and better coordinate airport-community development initiatives
  • Technical investigations to resolve aviation-specific operational challenges
  • Validate need for, timing, and location of a future third runway
  • Assess potential enhancement to secondary runway to increase aircraft utilization
  • Taxiway enhancements to comply with new standards and operational needs
  • Environmental overview and sustainability evaluation


While the above focus areas highlight the expectations as the master plan begins a technical evaluation phase, the process and final outcome is expected to be a collective effort. Various opportunities are programmed to engage stakeholders and the community in a collaborative setting throughout the process, including:

  • Project specific website,, allowing individuals to sign up for direct email notifications, obtain summary information as the plan unfolds, download the detailed reports, and provide direct feedback for consideration
  • Two public workshops
  • Three technical advisory and citizen advisory committee meetings
  • Two project specific newsletters


Together with the community, we will chart a course to a bright future.