Birmingham Airport Authority


Established in 1931, The Birmingham Airport has been welcoming travelers to The Magic City and serving as Central Alabama’s gateway to the sky for more than 80 years.  Governed by the Birmingham Airport Authority since its establishment in 1986, the airport has evolved into a catalyst for growth and economic development for the entire region.  In 2008, the airport was renamed Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport to honor the world-changing legacy of late Birmingham civil rights activist Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth.


Mr. David Germany
Chairman, Birmingham Airport Authority Board of Directors
Protective Life Corporation


Ms. Bobbie Knight
Vice-Chairman, Birmingham Airport Authority Board of Directors
Ret., Alabama Power Company
Interim President, Miles College


Mr. Ronald F. Mathieu, C.M. 
President and Chief Executive Officer, Birmingham Airport Authority


Birmingham Airport Authority Board of Directors

Mr. Chris Johnson, Stifel Public Finance

Mr. Robert Earl Kelly, Kelly Roadbuilders Inc.

Mr. Edgar Marx, Jr., Marx Brothers, Inc.

Mr. Bill Smith, Smith Ventures 

Ms. Darlene Wilson, Relay Accounting Management


Ex-Officio Member

  • Honorable Randall Woodfin, Mayor, The City of Birmingham


Executive Staff

  • Mr. Jim Payne, C.M., A.C.E., Chief Operating Officer
  • Mr. Mani Iyer, Interim Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr. Marcelo Lima, A.A.E,  Interim Vice President of Planning and Development
  • Mr. Cameron Thompson, A.C.E., Interim Vice President of Operations
  • Mr. Mike Thompson, C.M., Director of Facilities
  • Ms. TJ Williams, Vice President of Air Service Development


Contact Information

Birmingham Airport Authority
5900 Messer Airport Highway
Birmingham, AL 35212
205-599-0538 fax