Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport

An Airport So Advanced Even Our Website is Mobile

Airport Mobile Site

Airport websites often miss their marks, we've noticed. While they may work fine on a desktop plugged into the corporate network, they fall short on netbooks and web-enabled phones, and especially when connections are slow. If you're in a hurry looking for departure information, the parking zone nearest your airline or a rental car desk, good luck. And if you're looking for all that information while walking, pulling a suitcase and staring at your smart phone, you might as well give up now.

Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport offers two mobile versions of this website for your convenience. For iPhone and smart phone users with phones with built-in web browsers and graphics capabilities, check out the graphic version. If you're inside the terminal, take advantage of our free wireless internet service as well.

For basic cell phones with limited Internet capabilities, visit our fast-loading text version. Both versions include the latest arrival and departure information, airline contact information, directions, parking and more to get you on your way. Be sure to bookmark the mobile site from your phone for convenient access on your next visit to the Magic City.

Birmingham Airport mobile website development by Kinetic Communications.