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AirlineFlight No.StatusDestinationScheduled DepartureEstimated Departure
Southwest Airlines3550BoardingDallas2:50 pm
American Airlines5311On TimeCharlotte3:20 pm
American Airlines5706On TimeDallas3:39 pm
Delta Airlines5144On TimeDetroit4:00 pm
American Airlines3201On TimeMiami4:05 pm
United Airlines4173DelayedHouston4:09 pm4:45 pm
Delta Airlines1626On TimeAtlanta4:30 pm
Delta Airlines5070On TimeNew York4:35 pm
American Airlines3865On TimeCharlotte4:55 pm
Delta Airlines1665On TimeAtlanta5:34 pm
United Airlines3707On TimeChicago5:59 pm
Southwest Airlines1393On TimeOrlando6:00 pm
Southwest Airlines3314On TimeBaltimore6:10 pm
United Airlines4093On TimeHouston6:17 pm
American Airlines3820On TimeWashington6:23 pm
Delta Airlines2525DelayedAtlanta6:41 pm6:46 pm
Southwest Airlines1045On TimeHouston7:05 pm
American Airlines5182On TimeCharlotte7:05 pm
Southwest Airlines807On TimeChicago7:10 pm
American Airlines5647On TimeDallas7:10 pm
Wednesday, June 1st
AirlineFlight No.StatusDestinationScheduled DepartureEstimated Departure
Delta Airlines2312On TimeAtlanta5:30 am
Southwest Airlines431On TimeHouston5:45 am
American Airlines5751On TimeDallas5:55 am
United Airlines5915On TimeChicago6:00 am
Delta Airlines5086On TimeDetroit6:00 am
American Airlines5346On TimeCharlotte6:00 am
American Airlines3603On TimeMiami6:00 am
United Airlines4451On TimeHouston6:11 am
Delta Airlines5140On TimeNew York6:15 am
American Airlines3822On TimeWashington6:15 am
Southwest Airlines426On TimeDallas6:30 am
Delta Airlines1914On TimeAtlanta6:45 am
American Airlines5356On TimeCharlotte7:40 am
Delta Airlines1530On TimeAtlanta7:45 am
Southwest Airlines3135On TimeTampa8:00 am
United Airlines5219On TimeDenver8:20 am
American Airlines3819On TimeCharlotte8:30 am
Delta Airlines1051On TimeAtlanta9:00 am
American Airlines5769On TimeDallas9:19 am
United Airlines5928On TimeChicago9:21 am
Southwest Airlines3112On TimeOrlando9:55 am
Southwest Airlines439On TimeChicago10:05 am
American Airlines5142On TimeCharlotte10:05 am
Delta Airlines1988On TimeAtlanta10:10 am
Southwest Airlines498On TimeLas Vegas10:45 am
Delta Airlines700On TimeAtlanta11:27 am
Delta Airlines5123On TimeDetroit11:32 am
American Airlines4055On TimePhiladelphia11:45 am
Delta Airlines2511Atlanta12:33 pm
American Airlines5850On TimeDallas12:39 pm
American Airlines5178On TimeCharlotte12:40 pm
United Airlines4205On TimeChicago12:50 pm
Southwest Airlines2236On TimeTampa1:10 pm
American Airlines5164On TimePhiladelphia1:50 pm
Delta Airlines116Atlanta2:20 pm
United Airlines5846On TimeHouston2:35 pm