Thank you for flying BHM! While you’re in the terminal, don’t forget to visit some of our local favorite dining and shopping destinations. Before you head out, be sure to visit the Information Desk to discover all the things our fair city has to offer if you’re a visitor. When you’re ready to leave, you’ll find the baggage claim area in the lower level of our terminal. For rental cars and other transportation, please visit our Transportation Services team, located on the ground level of the parking deck. Welcome to The Magic City!

To provide the most up-to-date times, this page automatically refreshes every two minutes.

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AirlineFlight No.StatusOriginScheduled ArrivalEstimated Arrival
Delta Airlines6250EarlyDetroit3:16 pm2:54 pm
American Airlines4208EarlyCharlotte3:17 pm2:57 pm
Delta Airlines1626CancelledAtlanta3:31 pm4:58 pm
United Airlines3662EarlyHouston4:05 pm3:51 pm
American Airlines5856DelayedDallas4:22 pm4:28 pm
American Airlines3630EarlyMiami4:40 pm4:35 pm
Southwest Airlines3480On TimeLas Vegas4:55 pm
Delta Airlines117DelayedAtlanta5:19 pm5:50 pm
United Airlines5178EarlyChicago5:29 pm5:21 pm
Southwest Airlines2452RevisedHouston5:30 pm5:35 pm
American Airlines5573On TimeWashington6:00 pm
United Airlines4376EarlyHouston6:07 pm5:50 pm
American Airlines5182DelayedCharlotte6:15 pm6:25 pm
Southwest Airlines5815RevisedOrlando6:30 pm6:50 pm
American Airlines2836On TimeDallas6:32 pm
Southwest Airlines4629On TimeChicago7:10 pm
Delta Airlines1448DelayedAtlanta7:13 pm9:18 pm
Southwest Airlines2233On TimeTampa7:25 pm
American Airlines5110On TimeCincinnati7:42 pm
American Airlines3810On TimeChicago8:56 pm
Delta Airlines951DelayedAtlanta9:15 pm11:22 pm
United Airlines5639On TimeDenver9:24 pm
Southwest Airlines5219On TimeHouston9:25 pm
United Airlines3987On TimeHouston9:40 pm
American Airlines5640On TimeWashington9:41 pm
Delta Airlines6251On TimeDetroit9:49 pm
Southwest Airlines4197On TimeDallas10:05 pm
American Airlines5754On TimeDallas10:07 pm
Delta Airlines5260On TimeNew York10:34 pm
United Airlines5643On TimeChicago10:55 pm
American Airlines3626On TimeMiami10:56 pm
American Airlines5566On TimeCharlotte11:02 pm
Delta Airlines1064DelayedAtlanta11:35 pm12:17 am
Monday, December 18th
AirlineFlight No.StatusOriginScheduled ArrivalEstimated Arrival
American Airlines5489On TimeCharlotte7:54 am
United Airlines5183On TimeChicago8:30 am
Delta Airlines665On TimeAtlanta8:48 am
American Airlines4022On TimeDallas8:53 am
Southwest Airlines687On TimeDallas9:05 am
United Airlines4366On TimeHouston9:34 am
American Airlines5608On TimeWashington9:53 am
Southwest Airlines401On TimeOrlando10:00 am
American Airlines5142On TimeCharlotte10:32 am
Delta Airlines1379On TimeAtlanta10:55 am
Southwest Airlines294On TimeTampa11:10 am
Delta Airlines6248On TimeDetroit11:15 am
Southwest Airlines585On TimeHouston12:20 pm
Delta Airlines1360Atlanta12:20 pm
American Airlines5439On TimeCharlotte12:25 pm
American Airlines5164On TimeCharlotte1:35 pm
United Airlines4002On TimeBirmingham1:49 pm
Delta Airlines1051Atlanta1:49 pm
United Airlines5180On TimeDenver1:54 pm
American Airlines3793Chicago2:14 pm
United Airlines3948On TimeChicago2:25 pm
American Airlines2823On TimeDallas2:33 pm